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Cancelling An Order

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So you decided you want to cancel an order ? No Problemo .. please call our customer services on 01630 350050 between the hours of 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

Outside of operating hours you may also email [email protected] please include in the email Your order number which can be found on your email confirmation, Your Name and the postcode you had asked your order to be sent to. In busy periods there can be a delay in answering emails and as our warehouse are continually picking orders we ask you call us where possible straight away.

All of our orders are picked and packed in the morning and leave our warehouse by mid day EVERY DAY, so if you placed an order OF an evening you will have until mid day the following day to stop it going out.

If you placed your order in the moringing you will have untill 12 noon thta day to stop it going out.

If you placed your order around mid day ( Panic! ) as its likely going to get put on the lorry any time now.

If you placed your order after mid day… Well your in n omans land here. If fedex are running late we may still be putting it on a truck so please call us straight away.

If you placed your order after 5pm On Friday but before 12 Noon on Monday you will need to get a hold of us before 12 noon on Monday to stop the parcel leaving

Ordered After 5pm – Great we are all home and sleeping so no parcels are being picked and you have until the FedEx man comes 12 noon the following day to make contact with us to stop the parcel !

Unfortunately we cannot be held responsible for missed emails, we monitor them constantly but sometimes we are jsut not sat at our desk that split second between you emailing us and the FedEx man walking off with your parcel

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