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My product has arrived damaged, how do I return it?

All of our products are checked before they leave the warehouse. However, on occasion it is possible that they can get damaged whilst on their way to you. This is why we advise that you open and check your parcel within 48 hours of receiving delivery. If your parcel does arrive damaged you can contact us at [email protected] and once we have established the cause of damage we can make arrangements for recollection and to help get you a new product as soon as possible.

My product is damaged but still usable what happens now?

If your product has arrived damaged but is still usable then take a photograph of the damage and include your order number to [email protected] This MUST be done within 48 hours of receiving your item. Once we have assessed the damage , providing the damage was caused from our end we will offer a partial refund,

Do I have to pay postage when returning my item?

This really depends on the situation. if the reason for returning the item is due to a mistake of ours for example you’ve received the wrong item then of course we will arrange all postage and re-deliveries. However if the return is due to a mistake on your part then unfortunately you will have to cover any costs

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