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Ride On Toys Trouble Shooting

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  1. 95% Of Ride On Toys issues come from electrical connectors having wiggled loose, Please check the car over thoroughly look for all connecting joints and push the cables together firmly. 
  2. Did you know It’s now illegal in the UK for products tobe shipped with the batteries connected. Also The batteries would become damaged if left connected in the packaging for the long journey from China plus storage time in our warehouse these are two reasons why your ride on toys will arrive with the Positive terminal disconnected. Depending on the ride on toy you have, the battery could be under the seat, under the bonnet or in the boot of the car. Remove the plastic security cap from the disconnected cable and slide it onto the + terminal of the battery. 
  3. The Toy will not work with the charger connected, and whilst on charge it’s completely normal for the charger to warm up, this is a clear indicator it’s doing its job. 
  4. Most ride on otys come with a switch on the dash to select between Neutral and reverse and forward. Check the car is not in the natural position and the selection switch is in the drive or reverse position. 
  5. If the car goes backwards when it should go forwards you have connected the motors on the wrong sides, Simply swop the motors over. Also this is the case where the car reverses really fast but moves forward slowly. It should reverse slowly and go forward fast. 
  6. The ride on toys have a weight limit that they can operate in, please consider that sleep inclines, tall crass, thick mud all add to the drag on the motors, When the motors become hot you will find that they will stop working intermittently until they cool down. If you find your ride on toys is stopping and starting its a possibility that you are overloading the motors and asking too much of them
  7. The 12v motors in all our ride on toy range simply push into place. We call them floating motors and they are not held in by any screws. This is the design of the car. 
  8. All batteries have a life cycle and need to be charged on a regular basis. Every ride on toys should be charged at least once per month to keep the condition of the battery up. To do this the car should be completely discharged and then charged for a minimum for 8 hours. When left like any 12v car battery over a period of time they become flat and if left uncharged the plates in the battery bend and they will refuse to take charge meaning you will need to replace the batteries. We do not cover batteries under warranty these are a consumable item, 

So you have checked all of the above and the car still isn’t operating ?

 Has the toy worked at all since it has arrived?

–   Ride On Toys Usually come with a charge and will normally work straight out of the box but its not gospel so if the toy isnt working out of the box and you are happy the batteries are connected properly please charge the toy for a minimum for 6 hours before contacting us.

When you charged the toy did you put it on charge for the recommended amount of time?

–   Please refer to the cars user manual for the time to charge they normally range between 4 and 8 hours and its first charge is vital as the first charge conditions the battery for its life cycle.

Did The Charger Get Warm Whilst Charging ?

–   It’s completely normal for a charger to get warm whilst charging. However if you are finding that the charger isn’t getting warm at all this is a sure sign that the charger is faulty and we may need to look at replacing it. 

Certain parts of the ride on toy works but not other aspects.?

–   If you are seeing that certain parts of the kids ride on toy is working but other aspects are not working it’s normally that a wire has come loose somewhere – please check all the connections under the car, motors, and in the battery box. 

The Lights and sounds work but the ride on toy motors are not getting any power. Do you hear a clicking sound from the wheels?

–   So a clicking sound from the motor can be one of two things whether the car has been overloaded either with weight or terrain or one of the wires to the motors have come loose and not getting a connection – If you think its been overloaded allow the motors to cool down and come back to it. If it’s definitely not overloading then you need to check all motor connections. .

The car has no power but the batteries and charger are proved to work?

–   Most ride on toys come with a  fuse that is attached to the positive battery terminal. It is enclosed in a rectangular fuse holder, please check this fuse out. 

The Ride On Toy will work with the remote control but not with the pedal.?

–  In the rare occasion this happens you will find its the switch under the foot pedal, these are easily replaceable please call us and we will advise. .

Can’t get the 2.4G Parental Remote Control to connect / work?

–   So your remote control has lost its sync with the car… No Problems Follow these instructions exactly and you will be back up and running. 

  1. Turn The Car Off 
  2. Hold Down Forward and Reverse On The Remote ( Do Not Let Go Until The End Of This Sequence )
  3. Turn the car on. 
  4. Watch the remote flash for about a minute. Then it will stop flashing …. Then it will start again. When the second sequence of flashes stops. 
  5. Let go of forward and reverse. 
  6. Press Forward 
  7. Press Reverse. 

Your car is now working again with the remote Control ! 

Still Need Help With My Ride On Toy Car

Once you have check all of the above and not found the solutions then email us via [email protected]

What helps us the first time round if you can email us. 

  1. The name as it appeared on your order 
  2. Your Order Number
  3. Pictures of the wiring of the Ride on Toy
  4. Pictures of the problem area. 

Once we have this information we will come back to you with suggestions or a solution. 

It’s likely if you call we will refer you to this document and ask you to check as 90% of all customers’ issues are fixed with the above. 

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