Radio Controlled

Our huge range of radio controlled cars are perfect for releasing your inner child. With prices starting from just £14.99 these make the perfect gift!

Big kids need fun too!

Our radio controlled cars are top of the range and perfect for the bigger kids ( yes Mums and Dads I’m talking about you) They make the most perfect gift for those amongst us who have a bit of a childish side.


You name it , we’ve got it! The Monster Truck radio controlled cars are ready to crash, smash and bash with the best of them. Impress your friends as you show off your skills.

Off road buggies

Radio controlled off road buggies are as exciting as driving the real thing. With some having waterproofing nothing can get in your way. Not even mother nature can get you!

Don’t forget to check out our SALE to see what amazing deals you can get, but seriously who can put a price on bringing out the child in you

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