Ride On Toys

As suggested in the name of our company Ride On Toys are exactly what we specialise in. Having previously being distributors to large retail outlets we certainly know the correct brands to stock and are the perfect solution when looking for ride on toys

Licenced Cars

Our range of licensed kids ride on toys are perfect for helping your child’s imagination grow. they can even have a better car than Mummy or Daddy. Whether you’re looking for a replica Mercedes or a BMW we have you covered. Boasting leather seats your child can ride in comfort and style.
With a touch of imagination your little one can easily become a top spy or feel like they’re part of an action movie.

Trucks and services

We all know that kids imaginations show no bounds so our range of trucks and service vehicles mean that whether you have a budding farmer or a future policeman they can live their dream jobs with our amazing range. We have everything from police cars to fire engines, Farmers trucks to lorries. We at ride on toys really have thought of everything.

Mercedes Lorry

We are very excited to announce that we are able to offer the BRAND NEW Mercedes Actros Truck with trailer. For years now these vehicles have only come with the cab but now they have created a design that includes a trailer!  They come in a range of colours and are perfect if your future lorry driver wants to be just like Daddy!

Electric scooters/scooters

Scooters whether electric or just normal always have and always will be one of the most popular ride on toys around. Suitable for children of all ages it’s a great way of secretly getting your child to exercise. Think about it, if you say the word exercise you’ll be met with moans and groans. If you mention going out on the scooter you’re generally met with cheers of joy!

As well as all of the ranges mentioned above we also stock ride on Jeeps, ride on buggies and some with pedal power!

Take a look at our impressive SALE to see what magnificent deal you can find.

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